ADVAN is Yokohamas flagship brand. It's the name given to Yokohamas best high performance road tires, race tires, and light weight wheel range... Derived from "ADVANCE", it means using innovation to keep one step ahead of competitors. The Advan wheel line up is made from both forged and cast wheels. Focusing on unique styling and colors, the Advan product line can be seen on vehicles such as the Subaru STI, Mitsubishi EVO, Honda S2000, Porsche 911, BMW M cars, and many more. Advan fitments are designed to replace your OEM wheels with a more aggressive look and stance.

The Advan Racing RZII combines all the wheel industry's leading performance techniques all into one beautiful shape. The twin 5 spoke design has been updated to exhibit more concavity and dimension through the elongated spokes. A full rigidity treatment has been performed on the spokes. 5D scalloped pockets for weight reduction while retaining rigidity. The opposite side of the spoke has a strength ridge to keep weight down while improving structure stiffness. The wheel is manufactured with Advan Racing Flow Forming technology where the center is cast while the rim section is spin forged to improve density, lightness and strength.

All Advan Racing Flow Formed wheels feature its signature embossed machined logo and a fine perimeter machining has been added for an elegant touch.


A new challenge in crossover design

  1. Evolution version of RZ, RZII appeared. A bold evolution of the crossover design that combines twin 5-spokes and 10 evenly-spokes.
  2. For the wide-angle side of the twin spokes, the "Advanced Side Cut" is adopted for the first time, in which the sides of both spokes are gouged without joints.
  3. The narrow-angle side of the twin spokes has a stepped shape to achieve a thin spoke design while ensuring strength.
  4. From 17 to 19 inches, standard design and GTR design with more concave spoke shape are set depending on the size. The 18-inch model, which has a high demand for sports driving, also has a Super GTR design.
  5. The basic color variations are racing hyper black, racing gloss black, and the new racing indigo blue. In addition, all colors have a brilliant ring with a diamond cut on the rim flange. This ring is the part that can be said to be the identity of the new RZ II.
  6. Comes with ADVAN Racing RZâ…ˇ dedicated logo sticker (for pasting on the center part between the spokes).

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