The ADVAN Racing R6 fused the design language of the RG-D2 with a deep rim concept to deliver a beautiful dished 6 spoke design that thanks to mold form forging is almost the same weight as the flagship ADVAN Racing GT.

The advanced side cuts on each spoke help reduce weight without sacrificing rigidity, and an anti-slip feature on all sizes prevents tyres from spinning on the rim. The deep stem rim is available in three profiles, Standard Deep, Medium Deep and Extra Deep.

The ADVAN Raving R6 is available in six colours, “Machining & Racing Hyper Black”, “Machining & Black Coated Graphite”, “Racing Candy Red”, “Machining & Racing Brass Gold”, “Racing Copper Bronze” and “Racing Titanium Black”.


Available Colours

MHB - Machining & Racing Hyper Black
MRBG - Machining & Racing Brass Gold
RCB - Racing Copper Bronze
RCR - Racing Candy Red
TBK - Racing Titanium Black

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